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Lease Details

Lease ID: 125
Date Listed: 2010-11-08
Owner's User ID: TexasDuckRanch
Ranch name: Texas Duck Ranch
County: Colorado
Acres: 1300
Hunters: 10
Cost: $140 per hunter.
Lease Type: day
Means allowed: shotgun
Game available: migratory birds
Property description: Ducks Unlimited has helped us design the ponds on this property to ensure that there is plentiful natural food to guarantee the ducks and geese will be there for hunters. The pit blinds are designed to allow you drive your ATV right to the blind with all your gear. The property has a canal system which allows us to guarantee water even in years where no one else can which means more birds. This property is on the Garwood Prairie in Colorado County which has the second highest seasonal harvests in Texas. Average season harvest for the ranch is approximately 7,000 birds, in a good year that number has exceeded 10,000 birds. This is the best and easiest hunting on the Texas Gulf Coast. New hunters to the Ranch are shocked at the numbers of birds we have. Come see for yourself, you will be astounded! We have everything on this lease that ducks and geese want and we know that by the number of birds that show up day after day All you need to do is show up and shoot. If you can shoot, limits are a sure thing! Ducks Unlimited Biologists say this property is "one of the best duck habitats in Texas."
Lease description: Decoys are provided on unguided hunts. If you prefer an executive style guided hunt, we have guides available for an extra charge that will take care of everything for you, including cleaning your birds. Best of all is our gurantee. If you come out and don't have the opporunity to shoot your limit of ducks, there is no charge for the hunt.