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Lease Details

Lease ID: 133
Date Listed: 2014-07-22
Owner's User ID: solanaranch
Ranch name: Solana Ranch
County: Bell
Acres: 8200
Hunters: 200
Cost: $315 per hunter.
Lease Type: seasonal
Means allowed: shotgun
Game available: migratory birds
Property description: This one-of-a-kind 8,200 acre cattle and wildlife SOLANA RANCH stretches over 13 miles over the Central Texas Hill Country. Our guests may expect to see wild turkey, deer, and cattle, as well as, other wildlife during their stay with us. The eastern part of the ranch is more open pastureland with some areas in cultivation - ideal for dove hunting. The western part of the ranch changes to rolling terrain and rough canyons with a variety of trees, brush, grasses and forage - perfect for deer, turkey, exotics and hog hunting. CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT, 254-947-8331.
Lease description: Dove Season 2012 - 2013. Members may hunt any of five Solana Farms from noon to sunset throughout the season. SINGLE MEMBERSHIP FOR MEMBER ONLY $315; FAMILY MEMBERSHIP FOR MEMBER + 1 GUEST $445 + $250 for each additional hunter; The Solana Ranch also has available SEASON CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPS. The Corporation buys 1 "Member Only" membership at $300.00 and pays $250.00 for each additional hunter. Must have 5 hunters to qualify. The first week of the season, Solana Ranch rotates hunters to keep pressure off of the birds. Members issued a membership card marked “ODD” hunt September 1st & 3rd. Members issued a membership card marked “EVEN” hunt September 2nd. Beginning September 4th, ALL members hunt any day throughout the remainder of the season. As part of the membership benefits, ALL hunters will have access to our year 'round clay bird range, the pavilion which has BBQ pits, picnic tables and lodges that are available all year long for meetings or any occasion. The Solana Ranch employees are also available to point you in the right direction of where they have scouted birds that day. We are always here to help make the most of your hunting experience. CALL TO RESERVE YOUR OPENING DAY SPOT, 254-947-8331. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE BEFORE JULY 15TH $ 285.00 before July 15th Single $ 315.00 after July 15th Single $ 395.00 before July 15th Family $ 445.00 after July 15th Family.