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Lease Details

Lease ID: 189
Date Listed: 2011-04-28
Owner's User ID: muliemike
Ranch name: Desert Horn
County: El Paso
Acres: 1850
Hunters: 10
Cost: $500 per hunter.
Lease Type: day
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder, archery
Game available: exotics
Property description: Newest exotic ranch in the El Paso area. Great hunting and quality animals. Available to book starting June 1st! Prices range from $500 on up depending on what type of exotic you are after. Bow or rifle hunters welcome. Can accomodate larger groups.
Lease description: Thats right guys it finally happended! Located less than 40 minutes from the El Paso airport with very easy access. 1850 acres with multiple feeders, rifle stands, bow stands, and water holes to hunt over. Or we can hunt safari style! Terrain is open with several draws and hills with thigh high grass and some mesquite. The terrain is sandy making it very easy to stalk animals. First hunts will be offered starting June 1st. During dove season we can sit arround one of the tanks and enjoy some of the best dove shooting arround free of charge with any trophy hunt! Soon to come is a beautiful Hacienda style lodge for large groups wanting to stay for several days. Right now pricing is as follows $2,000 for any hard horned exotic on the ranch. There are Scimitar oryx, Aoudad (nothing trophy size yet), Black Buck, and Axis right now on the ranch. $1,150 for any ram on the ranch. There are several high gold medal class Texas Dalls, Black Hawains, and Corsicans available. $150/day guide fee includes transporation arround the ranch. Non alcoholic beverages. Skinning and quartering of game. Can accomodate 1 to 5 hunters.