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Lease Details

Lease ID: 207
Date Listed: 2015-05-13
Owner's User ID: solanaranch
Ranch name: Solana Ranch
County: Bell
Acres: 8200
Hunters: 6
Cost: $1700 per hunter.
Lease Type: seasonal
Means allowed: rifle
Game available: deer, turkey, feral hogs
Property description: This one-of-a-kind 8,200 acre cattle and wildlife SOLANA RANCH stretches over 13 miles over the Central Texas Hill Country. Our guests may expect to see wild turkey, deer, and cattle, as well as, other wildlife during their stay with us. The eastern part of the ranch is more open pastureland with some areas in cultivation - ideal for dove hunting. The western part of the ranch changes to rolling terrain and rough canyons with a variety of trees, brush, grasses and forage - perfect for deer, turkey, exotics and hog hunting. CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT, 254-947-8331.
Lease description: This is a special rifle hunt at one of the prime times of the season for big bucks. 2 Does, a Turkey, and Hogs are included in this hunt. The 3 day 2 night hunt includes good home cooked meals, lodging, and quality guides. You are responsible for all your hunting equipment and all bows must be shot at the lodge prior to the first hunt to insure accuracy. You arrive mid day Friday in time to sight in and hunt the after noon and depart mid day Sunday after the morning Hunt. Hunt Cost: $1700 with a kill fee on any buck of $700. Kill fee is charged for any buck killed and recovered or wounded and unrecovered. We are dedicated to finding your animal and will do everything in our power to recover it. Tracking dogs are used to recover any wounded or unrecovered deer at a cost of $100 per animal tracked. Guides will field dress your animal for a fee of $25 per animal.