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Lease Details

Lease ID: 234
Date Listed: 2011-08-17
Owner's User ID: muliemike
Ranch name: Big Bend
County: Presidio
Acres: 2000
Hunters: 2
Cost: $1000 per hunter.
Lease Type: seasonal
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder, archery
Game available: deer, quail, exotics
Property description: Looking for 2 hunters. 2 options to choose from. 7 day hunt for $1000 Season lease for $1650 Sign a 2 year season lease agreement price is $1500. Price is per hunter. Minimal to no hunting pressure, ranch borders state park and Rio grande is within half mile of ranch. Beautiful scenic big deer country. For pictures and information go to mule deer hunts on website.
Lease description: Great place and very affordable, no ammenities just good old hunting land. 1 buck, 1 javelina, quail, and predators. Aoudad are off limmits but available for an additional fee.