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Lease Details

Lease ID: 247
Date Listed: 2015-04-16
Owner's User ID: dillo
Ranch name: Mule Creek Ranch
County: McMullen
Acres: 8000
Hunters: 1
Cost: $8500 per hunter.
Lease Type: year-round
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun
Game available: deer, feral hogs, quail, small game, other
Property description: Trophy Deer Lease in McMullen County 9 miles outside of Tilden Texas called Mule Creek.
Lease description: Mule Creek is a year around lease; the membership fee per hunter is $8,500.00. 17 hunters total (450+ acres per hunter).This buys you 1 - 6.5 year old trophy buck over 160” B&C, 2 management (cull) bucks and (2 does depending on current game census). This fee also includes your utility use for the year and your share of the protein feeding program. We have been feeding protein for 15 years this year we will feed a minimum of 50 tons. There are 21 protein feed stations in the main pastures, we start feeding protein the end of January and usually feed till the horns get hard We work with a Biologist and fly the ranch every year to do a game count so the harvest count may vary but it hasn't in the last 5 years. Check out the slide shows on our website from the helicopter flights at also in the photo section there is a slide show of some of the bucks harvested in the last several seasons. We have worked real hard getting the cull bucks off via management hunts for 9 points or less. We have some really good genes on the ranch, i.e. split g2’s and 3’s and split brow tines. Mule Creek is a ranch for serious hunters and is family orientated. No guest is allowed outside of immediate family. I personally have hunted the ranch for 15 years and have managed it for the last 5. I have existing members that have hunted these pastures for over 25 years if that tells you something. We have a dedicated quail hunting area for quail hunters that want to hunt quail during deer season. Area has plenty of quail feeders and shooting lanes. RV campground setup with all hookups provided. Payment Terms: half when you sigh up and the balance is due September 1st. Almost everybody I have shown this ranch to has signed on. I would be glad to answer any further questions and I am almost always available to show the ranch on short notice. Had 4 spots last week only 1 left. Thanks for your time. A lot more info is available. John Hansel C: 512-658-1954