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Lease Details

Lease ID: 252
Date Listed: 2012-07-24
Owner's User ID: muledeertx
Ranch name: 5 Mile Ranchs
County: Terrell
Acres: 2500
Hunters: 2
Cost: $2000 per hunter.
Lease Type: year-round
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, handgun, archery
Game available: deer, quail, small game, other
Property description: West Texas country with canyons and vistas.
Lease description: Great year around lease spot open in Terrell County, West Texas near Sanderson. We have 2 year around lease spots open at $2000 per spot. Year around hunting to include mule deer, mountain lion, bobcat, javelina, and quail. 2500 acres. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL 325-642-0967.