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Lease Details

Lease ID: 302
Date Listed: 2012-07-03
Owner's User ID: Harrison
Ranch name: Harrison Ranch
County: Terrell
Acres: 30000
Hunters: 6
Cost: $4000 per hunter.
Lease Type: other
Means allowed: rifle, handgun, black powder, archery
Game available: deer, other
Property description: The ranch you will be hunting has been in my family for a very long time. We chose not to hunt it at all last year due to poor drought conditions. We have supplemented the deer since 2005 with everything from cotton seed to 1 ton bales of alfalfa. Last year alone we fed out 2 truck (18 wheeler) loads of alfalfa. The ranch is very well watered we have over 50 water troughs and 10 miles of water frontage on the Rio Grande River. The ranch is very scenic and extremely secluded you will not be dissappointed if you choose to come. We have countless roads stretching all over the ranch and we will hunt hard all day safari style. I have been hunting the ranch since I was a boy and know the area like it is my back yard. Hunters can expect to see alot of deer and a heavy population of javelina and if we get lucky maybe an audad. These hunts will be conducted by myself and my family we are not outfitters and when you are with us you are one of us. We are very passionate about the mule deer population and we strive to grow it. The ranch is large and we will only take 6 mule deer off of it. Your hunt will include good meals and comfortable lodging.
Lease description: Hunters can take 1 Mule Deer Buck and 1 Whitetail Buck for $4000 Javelina can be added $300 for 1 or $500 for 2 Hunters may also get the opportunity to take an audad The fee for an audad will be $1500 on a harvest only bases. Night varmint hunts can also be added. Hunts will be conducted 2x1 (1x1 available for an extra $500) 50% Deposits due within 10 days of booking hunts If you have any Questions please don't hesitate to call me Thanks for the opportunity to host your next adventure Jeremy Harrison 325-277-0214