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Lease Details

Lease ID: 304
Date Listed: 2012-07-10
Owner's User ID: Eddie
Ranch name: Hords Creek Ranch
County: Coleman
Acres: 720
Hunters: 6
Cost: $2000 per hunter.
Lease Type: seasonal
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder, archery
Game available: deer, turkey, quail, migratory birds, small game, other
Property description: Hunting, fishing, hiking. Seasonal hunting leases available
Lease description: Property is located in the just west of Coleman, TX and Hords Creek runs through property. Hunters allowed to install stand(s) and feeder in approved areas. Hook up available for rv. New, very nice guest house is available for rent on a selective basis at additional cost for a small group (up to 6). Website available upon request. Very close proximity to Rancho Loma restaurant, which draws folks from across the country.