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Lease Details

Lease ID: 379
Date Listed: 2013-07-28
Owner's User ID: muliemike
Ranch name: Sonora
County: Sutton
Acres: 5500
Hunters: 20
Cost: $600 per hunter.
Lease Type: day
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder, archery
Game available: exotics
Property description: Free range Corsican Rams and Hog hunt. Some axis on ranch. $600 per hunter for 1 Corsican Ram of any size and 1 Hog. Semi guided day hunt. 100% shot opportunity (free range rams). Larger groups hunt will be made into a multi day hunt with lodging as an option. Axis may be taken on a trophy fee basis. Available to hunt outside of Whitetail Season. Also offering Free range Aoudad, Deer, Axis, Black Buck, Quail, Turkey, and more.
Lease description: Day hunt for free range Corsican Rams and Hogs. Axis may be taken for a trophy fee or are available strictly to hunt on another nearby property.