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Hunt Texas

Lease Details

Lease ID: 428
Date Listed: 2015-10-01
Owner's User ID: WTF
County: Irion
Acres: 2500
Hunters: 10
Cost: $2500 per hunter.
Lease Type: other
Means allowed: rifle, archery
Game available: deer
Property description: 2500 acres. High Fenced. 8 feeders and rifle blinds. Fantastic lodge and semi-guided service. Only 1 or 2 hunts remain available of 12 total.
Lease description: ** IMPORTANT ** Write your E-Mail and phone number in your reply. I have an E-FLYER to send you with photos. Native Texas Deer Herd. No outside Genetics. Protein feeding. We will only harvest 12 bucks this season. For rifle hunters, this will be near 100% success for bucks in the 120 - 150 gross inch range. There is no limit to gross score, however, like with all deer hunting, there will be more bucks in the 120 - 140 gross inch range than the larger and more elusive big bucks. This is a flat rate hunt for 4 days with lodging and semi-guided service. You provide your own food and you will have a full kitchen available to you for food preparation. Located just west of San Angelo. Contact us and we will send you lots of photos of the deer and the lodge. Call or text 512-517-4373