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Hunt Texas

Lease Details

Lease ID: 518
Date Listed: 2016-03-10
Owner's User ID: azar
Ranch name: KK Ranch
County: Mills
Acres: 180
Hunters: 4
Cost: $250 per hunter.
Lease Type: other
Means allowed: shotgun, archery
Game available: turkey
Property description: Weekend Turkey Hunts, lodging included and ATV for getting to and from hunting area's. Lodging is 3 Bedroom 2 Bath house furnished. Property has stock tanks, feeders, blinds available, lots of natural habitat, large oak trees, mesquite, grasses. lots of Turkey. Price is $300.00 per gun, 4 to 6 guns can be accommodated. This is for a group of 4 to 6 hunters, groups will not be mixed. Call or E-Mail for more information.
Lease description: 180 acres, lodging, stock tanks, natural habitat, lots of large Oaks, some open, pastures. House is furnished. ATV for hunters use, 25 miles to Brownwood. Lots of Turkeys seen this year, will be first season leased for Turkey. Hunt Friday to Sunday afternoon, cost is $250.00 per day for weekend Hunt per gun. there is a2 day minimum. See other listing for Deer Hunting.