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Lease Details

Lease ID: 578
Date Listed: 2015-08-05
Owner's User ID: donkeyman
Ranch name: ricketson ranch
County: Llano
Acres: 150
Hunters: 2
Cost: $2500 per hunter.
Lease Type: year-round
Means allowed: archery
Game available: deer, turkey, feral hogs, small game
Property description: I have a bow hunting only lease that I lease to 3 hunters. This is a year around lease. Lots of Deer,Turkey and Hogs. I just lost 2 of my hunters and need to replace them. The cabin is very nice with elec,well water, shower,AC,propane,frig and much more. Contact me 325 247 5333 Doug
Lease description: Large hill with lots of cover,big trees and brush. Lots of Deer,Turkeys and Wild Hogs. 325 247 5333