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Hunt Texas

Lease Details

Lease ID: 693
Date Listed: 2016-07-26
Owner's User ID: muliemike
Ranch name: Hunt West Texas!
County: Brewster
Acres: 50000
Hunters: 25
Cost: $250 per hunter.
Lease Type: day
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder, archery
Game available: deer, turkey, feral hogs, quail, migratory birds, small game, exotics, other
Property description: Trophy and management hunts for native and exotic game in west Texas. Guided and self guided options on some hunts with some season leases for mule deer. Also have hogs, quail, turkey, and more
Lease description: Highly game managed properties in west Texas available through West Texas Hunt. Native and Exotic game both large and small game with some great bird hunting. Credit cards accepted, payment plans, and financing offered through PayPal.