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Hunt Texas

Lease Details

Lease ID: 781
Date Listed: 2017-02-22
Owner's User ID: Johnmott
County: Uvalde
Acres: 700
Hunters: 6
Cost: $1000 per hunter.
Lease Type: day
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, archery
Game available: turkey, feral hogs
Property description: Situated on the crystal clear Nueces river we have a very diverse ranch.. huge pecan trees, oak lined draws, three large natural springs, river valley, and south Texas brush country
Lease description: Semi-guided spring Turkey hunts available now. We have several flocks of 30+ turkeys with long bearded Toms roaming the ranch 2 night 3 day hunt $1000 per gun 2 Toms per gun Hogs taken are $200 each Lodging and incredible south Texas meals included (seriously we can cook) Hunters cabin sleeps 10, 1 guest allowed per gun