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Lease Details

Lease ID: 870
Date Listed: 2017-08-17
Owner's User ID: FlyingMRanch
Ranch name: Flying M Ranch - Archer City, TX
County: Archer
Acres: 12500
Hunters: 4
Cost: $3500 per hunter.
Lease Type: seasonal
Means allowed: shotgun
Game available: quail
Property description: The Flying M Ranch in Archer County, TX is the ideal North Texas whitetail deer hunting destination. We offer full and semi-guided whitetail deer hunts on a privately owned 12,500 acre, low fence, ranch. The Flying M Ranch runs a dedicated year round predator control and game management program under the guidance of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. The Flying M Ranch is a member of the Texas Tech Quail Alliance. Can accommodate large groups, corporate retreats, etc. Rifle/Pistol/Skeet Range, High Rack Hunts, and more. Family friendly. Possible lease acreage available.
Lease description: Seasonal Quail leases available. 1000 ac parcels. max 4-5 hunters. no accommodations, RV campsite is available. No sub-leasing or running paid hunts. For more information and contact visit website: