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Lease Details

Lease ID: 965
Date Listed: 2018-07-16
Owner's User ID: MW23885
Ranch name: Hidden Canyon Ranch
County: Kinney
Acres: 350
Hunters: 6
Cost: $400 per hunter.
Lease Type: day
Means allowed: rifle, black powder, archery
Game available: deer, feral hogs, exotics
Property description: Scenic canyon country north of Brackettville. Tower stands and bow blinds. Lodging and meals included.
Lease description: SUMMER SPECIAL - Booking now for final month: August. Meat hunts/Trophy hunts. Meat hunt: includes your choice of Axis or Blackbuck doe $400. Trophy hunt: includes combination of Axis or Blackbuck trophy plus choice of doe or ram, $2,400. All hunts include unlimited hogs. Meals and lodging included. Reduced rates for 5 or more hunters in group. Send request for more info and pictures. CHECK US OUT: