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Lease Details

Lease ID: 983
Date Listed: 2018-06-02
Owner's User ID: Woodruffnw
Ranch name: Slick Rock
County: Burnet
Acres: 230
Hunters: 5
Cost: $3000 per hunter.
Lease Type: year-round
Means allowed: rifle, archery
Game available: deer, turkey, feral hogs, exotics
Property description: 230 acres of rolling hills and riparian stream bottom. Perennial stream runs through tract. Tract never before leased. Feeders and stands are set up and ready for use. Deer, hogs, turkey. Low-fence but occasional exotics such as elk and audad show up from time to time.
Lease description: The tract is located near Marble Falls and has never been leased before. No harvest restrictions. Feeders and stands are ready for use. No electric or water.