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Lease Details

Lease ID: 986
Date Listed: 2018-06-17
Owner's User ID: RangerOaksRanch
Ranch name: Ranger Oaks Ranch
County: Brazoria
Acres: 538
Hunters: 5
Cost: $200 per hunter.
Lease Type: other
Means allowed: rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder, archery
Game available: deer, feral hogs, exotics
Property description: High fence ranch specializing in monster whitetails, exotics and hogs
Lease description: Ranger Oaks Ranch is located in Brazoria county less than 1 hour away from Houston. We specialize in hunts tailored to your specific needs. The ranch is high fenced and we offer tower blind hunting, several types of bow blinds or spot and stalk hunting. All hunts are guided or semi-guided. The day rate is $200/day, which includes one (1) hog. Additional animals can be added to your hunt including Monster whitetail bucks starting at $2500 up to $8500, management whitetail bucks $1200, Whitetail doe or spike $500, Trophy boar $500,meat hog $100, Trophy Rams from $500 to $3500, Axis Bucks from $1200 to $3500, Fallow bucks $3500. Several other species available please let us know what your looking for. Lodging available 15 minutes from the ranch and our camp house will be available when completed. Good Luck hunting.