1. Special Permit Categories
    • Loyalty points rewards those who continue to participant in the Drawn Hunt program.
    • Points are accrued at the Category level when the application is submitted so your participation is rewarded before the drawing is held. They continue to accrue until you are drawn.
    • They will apply equally to each application you submit within that category. For example, if you have 5 Loyalty Points in the Gun Deer – Either Sex category and submit applications at the Kerr WMA, the Chaparral WMA, and Garner SP, each application will be assigned 5 Loyalty Points. If you win the hunt at Garner SP, all of your points in the Gun Deer – Either Sex Category will get reset to zero.
    • When you apply with others as a group, the system will calculate the average number of points for everyone on the application and rounded by “standard round half up” rules.
    • When a group application is not selected, each member of the group will accrue an individual point for that category.

  2. E-Postcard Selection Hunts
    • These hunt categories do not accrue loyalty points.

  3. US Forest Service Antlerless Deer Permits
    • These hunt categories do not accrue loyalty points.